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Our n-number services simplify and expedite your n-number reservation and assignment. We will research the availability of n-numbers, request, prepare and file all necessary documents to reserve or assign your number. Learn about N-number registration and assignment.


BATI will oversee and manage the process of filing any necessary documents with the FAA. We will provide the drafted documents, send for signatures and submit the completed paperwork to FAA. This includes:

•    Reports
•    Imports and Exports

•    International Registry
•    Research and Consultation
•    International Flights
•    Duplicate Certificate of Registration
•    N-number Reservation and Assignment
•    Claims of Lien
•    Estate Documentation Submittals


At BATI, we specialize in aircraft escrow services. Our team acts as a neutral third party that manages and directs all your deposits, reports, and documents. Throughout the process, we maintain full communication between all parties to ensure smooth, swift transactions and secure an easy closing. We are a team of passionate experts who can handle any escrow need, including international transactions, imports and exports of aircraft, trade-ins, and back-to-back transactions.

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We are your enthusiastic, experienced aircraft title and escrow professionals. Our goal is to get you from your office to the runway without delays. We do that through welcoming, transparent communication; a dedicated expert team; and powerful processes we've honed over 60 years of experience in aviation title and escrow services.



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"BATI has been a valuable partner to FGI since 2010. From full escrow services, to their ability to quickly obtain dealer certificates, they respond to all our aircraft title needs. Cassandra, Lisa and Talauna are great to work with and always make sure our planes have the correct documentation needed to get in the air on time!"

Director, Marketing & Sales Admin

Joe Wilder

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